Julio Saldarriaga DIT

Meet Julio Saldarriaga // Digital Imaging Technician


Julio Saldarriaga is a two-time EMMY winner for his commercial directing work and his direction of the documentary Storm Soldiers II. Julio is from Medellin, Colombia and is a graduate of Pontifical Bolivarian University with a degree in advertising.

He moved to the United States to pursue his career in film and television. He earned a certificate in producing and directing film and television from UCLA.

He worked for two extremely popular telenovelas on Univision and Telemundo/ Fremantel America Networks as a Production Coordinator and First Assistant Director. Later, he worked for FOX Television and various independent films as a First Assistant Director and was invited to become a member of the Directors Guild of America.

He worked with Sundance winners Jesse Garcia and Jess Weixler on a well-received independent film called Periphery. He also wrote, directed, and produced an original film called The Shifting.

He worked on Yellow, the critically-acclaimed Nick Cassavetes film, which premiered at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival, Danny Trejo’s Bullet as Editor and Colorist, for The Golden Globes as Director of the live broadcast for the HFPA website and as Editor of the fun and controversial Love, Sweat & Tears which can be seen on Netflix.



Two Emmys


From time to time people come to me and say, you must be the most important person on set, all the famous people hang out by you! Sometimes DITs are the epicenter on a set, but it is because people just want to see how good their film is looking.



  • DIT, STARZ; Los Angeles CA — August 2018 to October 30, 2018 TV Show VIDA Season 2, DP: Carmen Cabana

  • DIT, Freedom Run Films LLC; Savannah, GA — June 2018 Feature Film EMPEROR DP: Jeremy Rouse

  • DIT, POISON ROSE, LLC; Savannah, GA — May 2018 Feature Film POISON ROSE DP: Terry STACEY

  • DIT, BEACH HOUSE PRODUCTIONS USA, LLC; Savannah, GA — March 2018 Feature Film THE BEACH HOUSE PickUps and ReShoots

  • DIT, STARZ; Los Angeles CA — November 2017 to December 20, 2017 TV Show VIDA Episodes 1 to 6, DP: Carmen Cabana

  • DIT, BEACH HOUSE PRODUCTIONS USA, LLC; Savannah, GA — October 2017 Feature Film THE BEACH HOUSE DP: Peter Wunstorf

  • DIT / Drone Cam Op, Alienworx; Savannah, GA — July 2017 to Present TV Show LIVING THE DREAM Industrial Videos Director: Julio Saldarriaga

  • Editor/Colorist, Tytan Pictures; Savannah, GA — Jan 2017 Music Videos Director: Julio Saldarriaga

  • Editor/Colorist, Tytan Pictures; Savannah, GA — Jul 2015 Documentary LOVE SWEAT & TEARS Director: Scott Jacobs

  • Editor/Colorist, Tytan Pictures; Savannah, GA — Jun 2015 Documentary STORM SOLDIERS II Director: James Stone // Playback, BELK / Coin Operated Films; Savannah, GA — Jun 2015 // Commercial YOUTH CONTEMPORARY SHOOT Director: Matthew Egan

  • DIT, Yes But Film Corp; Savannah, GA — May 2015 Feature Film CHRISTINE Director: Antonio Campos

  • DIT, Echolight Studios; Dallas, TX — Dec 2014 Feature Film LEFT BEHIND KIDS - VANISH Director: Larry Mclean

  • Producer, Technical Director, Moon River Studios; Atlanta, GA — Oct 2014 Special Project for Steve Harvey DIT, Editor, Funanimation; Dallas, TX — 2013 // Feature Film BULLET Director: Nick Lyon

  • DIT, Colorist, Margin Films; Los Angeles, CA — 2013 Feature Film #1 SERIAL KILLER Director: Stanley Yung

  • Post Production Supervisor, Medient; Los Angeles, CA — 2012 Feature Film YELLOW Director: Nick Cassavetes

  • Associate Producer, DIT, Colorist, Filigrana Films; Los Angeles, CA — 2011 Feature Film THE BOARDER Director: Jolene Adams

  • Director, Writer, Producer Filigrana Films; Los Angeles, CA — 2010 Feature Film THE SHIFTING

Carrousel Studio Photo Credit: Seth Johnson