Oran Domingue Assistant Location Manager

Meet Oran Domingue // Assistant Location Manager

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Oran graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015 in Film & Television. After graduation, he stayed in Savannah due to the growing popularity of film and television production in the city. Since his first few projects on The Do-Over and Live By Night, he continues to meet and work with talented filmmakers local to Savannah. It has been through these friendships and experiences that he has become a knowledgeable Assistant Location Manager for shows that film in the beautiful city of Savannah.

Photo: Andy Young

Photo: Andy Young


I have not received any direct awards from working on projects, although I am quite proud of the work we did on Gemini Man and Lady and the Tramp. Both are on the larger side of the list of productions filmed in the heart of Savannah's downtown historic district. Filming any project in that area provides many challenges to accommodate the filming needs as well as consideration for the everyday citizens, tourists, and businesses. To coordinate projects of this scale in a heavily populated and dense area provides the most gratification when completed.


One of my favorite set memories was any experience with the Rock on Baywatch. He gives off an energy and embodies a "work hard / play hard" mentality about him that constantly urged those around him to do their best. I like to think I can have the same level of enthusiasm when it comes to making movies even when some days are longer and harder than others.



  • Council of Dads / Assistant Location Manager / 2019

  • Lady and the Tramp / Assistant Location Manager / 2018

  • Gemini Man / Assistant Location Manager / 2018

  • Killerman / Assistant Location Manager / 2017

  • Peanut Butter Falcon / Location Assistant / 2017

  • Love at the Shore / Location Assistant / 2017

  • Galveston / Location Assistant / 2017

  • Underground / Location Assistant / 2016

  • Baywatch / Location Assistant / 2016

  • Live By Night / Location Assistant / 2015

  • The Do-Over / Location Assistant / 2015


Carrousel Studio Photo Credit: Seth Johnson